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EU Quality - New Factory in Kenya
Delivery throughout Kenya and Tanzania
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64Door Factory offers only the best artisan crafted doors and super all-in-one service
Why choose us

International standards

At 64door Factory, we value design and comfort. We consider function, space and form. The finest raw materials are selected with care, artisan-crafted, precision-manufactured and tested to produce the best result.

Reliable Fit and Luxury Feel

64door Factory doors are elegant and modern. Every door is created with care, for the discerning buyer. Enjoy the warmth of wood along with a fit so precise it feels flawless.

Everything from one place

Doors are supplied complete, with all required for smooth installation. No need to source locks, hinges, or even frames from anywhere else. It’s easy. Reliable certified installers can be arranged.

You are in control

The door picker puts you in direct contact with our door manufacturer. Each custom finish and lock system you choose will be incoporated into the doors that are built just for you.


All doors ordered are crafted just for you. Receive live updates by email or text. We’ll tell you about your order through production to shipping to arrival at your door.

Contact us anytime

We’re available through email and phone. You can contact us anytime with any query. We will respond right away if chat is open within 24 hours if you send us an email.

Easy All-in-One Ordering and installation Process
Unlike having to source door parts from separate suppliers, there’s a seamless end-to-end solution
Get an offer
Pick Delivery & Pay
Installation materials provided Or Hire our Certified Handymen
Install in 30-min. Doors come with protective sheeting.
Start by choosing the material
64Door Factory offers a wide array of components and materials

You can choose the way the doors you order look and feel. There’s a sense of timeless elegance and a range of wood and veneer finishes that make these doors suitable for any style of home. The choice of accessories are thought-through and fit well with every design. Pick one of your pre defined sets to customize it to your preference.

Most popular

Dark Lady - Standard

The graceful Dark Lady brings elegance to every home. Widely spread look of Southern European manors.

from 1 293 000.00 TSh


Oak Door Set - Vented

The Oak represents the traditional wood look which has been loved for centuries and has fans around the world.

from 1 196 000.00 TSh


Noce Leuca Door Set - Standard

Oregan Pine is widely used in the Nordic design sphere, feel the touch of the delicate nordic pine, which brings gracefulness to every home.

from 1 196 000.00 TSh

We’re proud of our Artisan Culture and Precision Technology

64door Factory is inspired by a rich history of artisan craftsmanship that’s evolved for over a century. This means we honour the vision of life lived at human scale. All of our doors are produced by people who have a passion for creating warmth and ease, a blend of true function and beauty.

The 64door Factory range offers luxurious feel at an affordable price. Countless custom options mean you can design the doors as you want them. Designed to the highest standard these modern doors fit flush within the doorframe and swing level on strong hinges.

The values and cultural traditions of woodworking we preserve as our foundations invite us to continue perfecting our craft. We make use of new technologies to enhance the experience of all who walk through our doors. We welcome all our customers into the 64door Factory family and hope you will enjoy the designs, price flexibility, and integrated solutions we provide.

Investing in the best production technologies available, we take pleasure in seeing how our customers respond to the simple yet sophisticated doors we make. Tell us what you like about our products and share our details with friends if you’re happy with our services.

Frequently asked Questions
Do I have to buy locks and hinges separately?

No. All 64door Factory doors come fitted with the specific locks and hinges you choose. We also provide the doorframes which are also customized to match the doors you have chosen. Doors are delivered as a complete package and installation may be arranged as you choose.

Who will install my doors?

Doors can be easily installed by yourself. All parts needed and instructions to install a door come with the set, simple tools might be needed. If you wish we can arrange for certified installers to come install your doors throughout Kenya and Tanzania, contact us for more info.

What are your doors made of?

All of our doors are built with natural materials, from solid wood to components based on wood.

How is delivery organized?

Shipping can be bought from us, rates depend on region and number of doors. Self pick up is possible.